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Capper machine mod. CM/M MIGNON, electric, used for closing pre-threaded plastic cap with magnetic head TI/M series, on glass and plastic containers H.MAX 120 mm. In this model, the operator raises the bottle-holding dish with a manually operated lever, places the bottle on dish, block the container, presses the start-up button and pulls the lever to bring the bottle near to the head that screws and closes the cap just in a few seconds.Structure of the bench in AISI 304 stainless steel - 24V Controls - PRODUCTION 600/700 pcs/hour - Motor power 0.09 / 0.11 Kw Mono-phase or Three-phase - MAX BOTTLE SIZE D.80 H.120 - weight 25 Kg - CE STANDARDS -

Mod Head Max. size Tot. height Threaded connection Cap dia.
CM/M MIGNON FM TI/M 3000 300x370 850 M42x1.5 d.8-50