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Capping station mod. MTZ, used for closing every type of cap by various configuration with roller capping head TF series, with magnetic clutch TI/M series, or with crimping head TB series. It can be mounted directly onto the plane of the automatic machine. It is supplied with motion of rise and lower and rotation head, adjusted to sample.

Mod Head Max. size Tot. height Threaded connection Cap dia.
MTZ 3R TF1000/3 330x350 970 M42x1.5 - M52x1.5 d. 8 - 32
MTZ 4R TF1000/4 330x350 970 M42x1.5 - M52x1.5 d. 18 - 50
MTZ FM TI/M 3000 330x350 970 M42x1.5 - M52x1.5 d. 8 - 100
MTZ CMP TB3000-TB5000 230x320 750 M18x1.5 d. 8/21 - 21/46