Capping head TF1000/3-LUX - Stainless steel

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The TF - LUX capping heads are largely used in the manufacturing industries of machines and components for the ENOLOGICAL sector. They find their application either on alternating machines and on rotary machines with multiple heads, and their operation is distinguished by first screwing the internal plastic cap and then edging the external aluminum cap, STELVIN-LUX type cap on glass or plastic containers. The head is composed of an adjustable internal magnetic clutch and 3 external edging rollers. AISI 304 stainless steel material. PATENTED HEAD

Mod. Torque range Max. size. Tot. height Threaded connection Shaft dia. Shaft length Cap dia.
TF 1000/3 - LUX 0,2 - 1,0Nm D. 105 220-250 M42x1.5 - M52x1.5 d.30 - d.37 h7 38 - 70 d. 28 - 32